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If you want to take absolute control of the climate in your home, refrigerated ducted air conditioning is for you.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is the most popular form of air conditioning installed in homes as it is highly effective, energy efficient and provides room-by-room temperature control to suit your needs.  As well as being able to effectively deliver both heating and cooling to multiple rooms or spaces, ducted air conditioning is also quiet and inconspicuous, with the ducts installed in the roof of your home, therefore there is no need for visible wall or ceiling mounted units.

Ducted systems are also the most flexible choice of air conditioning as they can be separated into zones' which allows you to change the temperature in each room. 

More Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Refrigerated ducted air conditioning is the healthiest way to cool or heat your home. Because it uses fresh air it is the best choice for allergy or asthma sufferers
  • It also controls the humidity in the air, not just the temperature
  • Due to the advanced technology used in ducted air conditioning systems they are extremely reliable meaning problems are rare
  • This also means fewer bills due to service or maintenance call outs

Ducted air conditioning also provides the best value for money when you compare the size of the area that you wish to condition in relation to the cost of the system. Plus, because it is reverse cycle it can be used to heat your home as well, making it an even more economical choice if you do not have an effective heating system in place.

If you're interested in finding out whether a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system is right for you and your home, why not give Customised Air Conditioning a call today.


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