Best air conditioning brands in 2021

Air conditioning is crucial in Perth through those hot summer months and cold winter months.  While there are many types of air conditioning (ducted vs split, refrigerative vs evaporative), there are also several brands who offer a number of products.

Each type of air conditioning unit has its advantages in terms of power, energy efficiency, and cost. Determining the right one for you requires thinking about your needs, the size of your space, and the permanence of the place.

How to choose the best air conditioner brand?

The brands we show you in this list are based on the following factors:
* Features & Functions
* Reliability
* Price & Value
* Customer Service & Warranty


Daikin is a Japanese air con manufacturer, founded in 1924 as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho LP.  In 1982 it was renamed to Daikin Industries Ltd.  Or Daikin, for short.
Daikin does an incredible amount of R&D to bring out new technologies to the industry. It often leads the industry in this regard.
They have developed a range of units with the highest energy efficiency, which makes it possible to reduce primary energy consumption. As a byproduct of their efficiency, Daikin also helps the environment by reducing emissions into the atmosphere.
Some Daikin units utilise their inverter technology, which lets the units achieve a maximum heating power of up to 70% more than other standard machines. Also, in terms of cooling, it guarantees greater energy efficiency, with savings of up to 30% in annual electricity consumption.
In addition to cooling air, Daikin has filters that remove micro dust particles in the air to guarantee clean air. Daikin units also have an automatic restart where the unit will return to operation with the pre-set parameters if a power outage occurs.
Daikin offers a 5 year, parts and labour warranty.


Panasonic air conditioners don't have the biggest brand awareness in Australia but they have an innovative design, are highly-efficient and include a purification system. Overall, their equipment has been designed with you, the customer, at the forefront of their minds.
Panasonic offers a number of large ducted units that air conditioning professionals love because they can power a number of rooms at ease.
A Panasonic air con will give you clean air without breaking the bank to power it due to their great energy efficiency.
Panasonic also offers a standard 5 year warranty on their units.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi is a diverse company that builds everything from tools to aerospace components.  However, in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric was spun out and focusses on household goods and appliances.
Mitsubishi offers five year warranty on their whole system as well as ensuring every bit of equipment is subject to strict quality control measures.
Mitsubishi Electric has a complete product range with maximum energy efficiency to adapt to your needs.  They have modern replacement technology that can allow you to replace your obsolete air conditioning equipment without the need to change pipes.
Their equipment includes the most advanced technological features to guarantee the well-being of everyone in your home as well as the environment. For example, they work with a new R32 refrigerant gas that has a very direct benefit on climate change as it has a lower impact on the ozone layer.

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