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Split System Air Conditioning Western Australia

Split system air conditioning is perfect for controlling the climate in smaller living spaces such as an apartment, or in just one or two rooms of your home such as a bedroom and a small to medium sized living area.

Unlike ducted air conditioning systems, a split system does not use a series of ducts to transfer the air around your home which means that although beneficial, having your roof insulated prior to installation is not absolutely necessary.

Split systems are mounted either on your wall, on your ceiling or on your floor making them a cost effective climate control solution for any type of room. They are also suited to a wide variety of applications from a residential home to a moderately sized office or workplace.

Split air conditioning systems are so called because they consist of both an indoor unit and an outdoor one, which will be mounted to the exterior of your building. A good quality installation technician will always take into consideration the type of building the outdoor unit is being fitted to basing his decision on both the functionality and aesthetics of the unit's location.

The indoor unit is a little more flexible and in most scenarios you will be able to choose whether you would like the air to be distributed into your room by any one of the following:

  • A wall mounted unit
  • A floor console
  • A below the ceiling unit
  • A ceiling cassette

If you're interested in finding out whether a split system air conditioning unit is right for you and your home, why not give Customised Air Conditioning a call today.


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