Do I need to service my air conditioner?

Let's answer that question right from the top.  Yes.  You do need to service your air conditioner - just like a car.  This will ensure it runs at peak efficiency and performance as well as extending the lifespan so you can enjoy your investment for many, many years to come. 

How often do I need to service my air con?

Regardless of model, type or age, you should aim to have your air conditioners serviced approximately once per year. Over time dirt and dust accumulates in air filters and condensing coils which lead to a decreased efficiency.

In saying that, there are a number of situations which should prompt you to have an expert service your air conditioner.  Below are some scenarios:

  • If your air con is simply not working as well as it was before.  For example, if your air con is blowing hot air when it's on cold
  • If your air conditioner is running far more than average.  For example, if your air conditioner is at a workspace that is open 24/7.
  • If you have an evaporative system.  We recommend they are serviced atleast twice a year.

What happens at a service?

A standard service by our expert team includes cleaning and disinfecting of your air conditioning system's return air filter, checking the operational efficiency of the indoor unit, outdoor unit and all component parts (zones, ducting, outlets, controller etc) and advising on the replacement of any worn or defective parts.

Do I really need to service my air conditioner?

We understand that servicing your air conditioner might not be at the top of your priorities list but it sets you up to be significantly better off in the long run.  Many air conditioner owners choose to skip servicing to save money, but they cost themselves more in the long-run. Regular servicing extends the life of your air conditioning unit; even a few years extra life adds up when a replacement can run to thousands of dollars.

Additionally, regular servicing ensures that your aircon is performing at peak efficiency. Your house or business will be cooler, and your heating bills will be lower. Regular maintenance helps you discover and fix small problems before they become much bigger (and more expensive) issues.

If you're looking for an expert to service your air conditioner, then contact us here - we'd love to hear from you.

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