Is winter the best time to buy an air conditioner?

Here’s the pattern...

It’s the middle of the year. The temperature is pleasant. A gentle breeze keeps the house comfortable during the day and the cool nights are great to sleep.

We say to ourselves

“Let’s hold off on the air conditioner and see what Summer is like”

Then summer comes around and it’s unbearably hot.

You call up a local air conditioning expert and they’re booked out for months so you hold off until it’s quieter and the process repeats.

Sound familiar?

The solution is to install your air conditioner in winter! Keep reading below why winter is the best time to get it installed.

1. You’ll have more time to shop around

It’s very important to research what the best option is for your space.  Ducted, split, refrigerative, brand... there’s many factors to consider for your budget and space.  With all those factors to consider, it’s best to have some time where you can reach out, get some quotes and have plenty of time before the summer heat sets in.

2. You can beat the summer crowds

Summer is by far the busiest time for an air conditioning installer.  Everyone wants one installed, repaired, upgraded.  Therefore, a big reason to get the ball rolling in winter is the relatively low demand.  With more available installers you can get things moving quickly and be ready for all sorts of weather.

3. Air conditioners can be cheaper

We’re happy to be upfront that suppliers want to move their stock in Winter so there’s opportunities for great deals.  End of financial year sales are common as well as suppliers wanting to move stock from last years models (which are  still fantastic units).  If you’ve got the opportunity to buy in winter, do it!

4. Air conditioners can be reverse cycle

For this article, we’ve discussed being prepared for winter but that doesn’t take note of being able to heat your home in winter too.  Remember that a reverse cycle air conditioner can take care of both heating and cooling your space.

In winter, a reverse cycle system absorbs outside air and warms it up via a chemical reaction using refrigerant gas. It then circulates the warm air throughout the system to heat your space. 

During the hotter months, this unit operates in reverse, pulling in and cooling warm air from outside.

When summer eventually comes, you’ll already have a top-of-the-range cooling solution installed and ready to keep you comfortable. 

What do you think?

If you’ve got this far, we hope you consider getting ahead of the curve and booking in your air conditioner this winter.  Give us a call on 08 9417 1071 to get a quote today!

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