What temperature should I set my air conditioner?

Setting your air conditioner to a frosty 16 degrees in summer feels great but it’s probably not the most economical choice you could make.

So what is the right temperature?

Given we’re in Perth, with its moderate, mediterranean-type climate that means we should expect hot summers and relatively mild winters.  Therefore, the ideal temperature for your air conditioner in summer will be somewhere between 22 and 25 degrees and in winter, it’ll be somewhere closer to 24 to 27 degrees.

How do temperature settings affect air con costs?

Air conditioners have to work harder to offset harsher climates. When it’s a 40 degree Perth summer day, it’s only natural that would set your air conditioner a little lower and vice versa for those chilly winter nights.

But did you know that small changes in your air conditioning habits can save you lots of money?  Research has been done to suggest that every degree that you decrease your air conditioner temperature in summer, you’ll save up to 10% on your energy use.  That being said, in the summer situation, we would always suggest increasing the temperature on your air conditioner to as high as possible while it still remains comfortable and refreshing.  Air conditioners can be expensive to run when efficient, so the optimal temperature is one that strikes the best balance between comfort and cost. Give it a shot and watch your bills drop!

How do I use the air conditioner with less power?

We’ve put together some tips below with the best ways to use your air conditioner without worrying about the bills.

Tip #1: Choose an energy efficient unit

First up is simply choose an energy efficient air conditioning unit.  Even the slightest increase in efficiency can translate into significant savings over time, so you need to look past the marketing hype. Here at Customised Air Conditioning, we’ll be sure to offer the best system for your budget.  It’s worth knowing that the most energy efficient systems are more expensive to begin with, but it’s an investment that will pay off.

Tip #2: Invest in good insulation

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner’s performance, we recommend making sure your home’s sealing and insulation is up to scratch. This will ultimately help increase the lifespan of your air conditioner as it’s not working under pressure all the time as well as keeping your bills down.

Tip #3: Clean your air conditioner

Because air cons filter through so much air, they also consume a lot of dust and debris.  Once your filters begin to clog, efficiency drops and bills begin to rise.  We recommend regular filter cleans and air con service to ensure your system stays in the best shape possible.

Tip #4: Use a timer

By setting your air conditioner to a timer, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures for the warmest parts of the night and then it can drop off as the temperature gets lower throughout the night. As the night goes on, your room will stay at a comfortable temperature, without the need for constant air conditioning.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article.  If your air conditioner needs a service or you’re looking for a new unit, then please give us a call on 08 9417 1071 - we’d love to help.


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