Why zone controls are an economical choice

It's difficult to please everyone with the air conditioner in a large house - some rooms are too hot, some are too cold and it's difficult to get consistency.  

The solution?

Customised Air Conditioning may be able to install a zone control system so you can have precise control over different rooms and areas in your home.

What is zone control?

A zoning system or zone controls helps you to cool or heat the entire house by dividing it into individual sections based on their needs. For instance, your kitchen and dining room can be put in one zone and each bedroom can have it's own zone (so there's no arguments!).

The controls let you modify the temperature in each zones to match your needs. You can also run a system on one section and turn off the other systems on other zones if not in use.  Keep on reading to see who should have a zone system.

When should you use a zone control system

  • If you have rooms, areas or floors that are rarely used
  • If you have rooms that get significant amounts of sunlight so remain hotter than others
  • If you have rooms that are too cold and require more heating
  • If you have others in the home who prefer it cooler or hotter compared to others

How does it work?

By being more selective on which rooms receiving air conditioning, your home inherently becomes more efficient.  You won't be adding additional expenses to run rooms that no one is actually in.  For example, if you want your bedroom cold at night, but then the rest of the home warmer in the morning, zoning is the solution.

As an additional benefit, zone systems reduce the wear and tear on your air conditioner.  The unit doesn't need to work as hard as it's being more selective.

Installing a zone control system is not a straightforward task and if you go the DIY path, you may end up damaging your existing system. It is always better to invest in hiring a reliable and professional air conditioning expert. We’d be more than happy to discuss with you how many zones your home would need according to its unique layout, and what system would work with your budget. Contact us today for a no obligation quote

If you're looking for an expert to upgrade your air conditioner, then contact us here - we'd love to hear from you.

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